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Never-Sag high density brush fence

8 Reasons Why Never-Sag Brushwood Fencing Panels Are The Best Choice If You Are Considering Replacing Or Installing A New Brush Fence Around Your Home.

#1. Aesthetically Superior

Never-Sag brushwood fencing panels provide a more consistent look than conventional hand-packed fences. A NeverSag machine-compressed brush panel delivers uniformity on both sides of the panel regardless of brush thickness and the quantity of forks in the brush.

#2. Repair & Maintenance Free

Never-Sag brushwood fencing panels are built with thick brushwood stalks uniformly distributed throughout the entire fencing panel. This crucial feature extends the life of the panel and eliminates the need for repair or restoration.

#3. Longer Life

Never-Sag brushwood fencing panels last between 10 to 15 years, outlasting standard hand-packed brush fences by 7 to 10 years.

#4. Will Not Sag

Never-Sag brush panels are vertically self-supporting. The high compaction of the brush panel along with the closely spaced wire stitching prevent the brush column from dropping eliminating sagging. A tensioned wire hand-packed brush fence inherently lacks sufficient long term support at the bottom of the fence and will eventually sag due to deterioration of the fine brush material.

#5. No More Loose Saggy Wires

Never-Sag brushwood fencing panels don't require tensioned panel wires, eliminating stretching and the tendency for wires to droop and loosen.

#6. More Privacy & Sound Absorbtion

Never-Sag brush fencing panels retain a greater brush density than hand-packed fences, due to the closely spaced wire stitching. This prevents gaps through the brush, giving you more privacy and better sound proofing, reducing noise.

#7. Genuine Australian Brushwood

Never-Sag brushwood fencing panels are constructed from real brushwood (genuine Australian melaeluca uncinata), not the imported, so-called brushwood panels (chinese Heather fibre) that are offered by hardwares and online stores. Thin imitations have a short life, offer no privacy and deteriorate quickly under Australian weather conditions.

#8. Versatility

Never-Sag Brush panels are the most versatile machine made panel on the market today. Because of their evenly spaced wire configuration, the fence can be stepped at various heights unlike some panels that do not line up when stepped. In addition, with the off-set brush fencing system you have the choice of two fence styles, post-capped and flat panel.

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